its mr jack 




Collaborated with artists from Mexico's studio's NOMO, Criol, and Balneario (collectively we were TRiBU), as well as National Geographic photographers to create an interactive experience during Queretaro's 2014 PhotoFest. Worked side by side with London based artist, Chris Jack, on his indigo mind project which reutilizes EEG helmet to output different sound based on the user's state of meditation. My role was to implement visuals on top of this, mainly executing projection mapping and LEDs. The user inside the booth was being recorded and projected in live time outside of the booth so other people could see what was going on while walking by. Additionally, different motion graphics were rendered and overlayed on the live projection feed based on the EEG data being transmitted by the user. Inside the booth the user was shown photos by different photographers. Some were tranquil calming images of oceanic life, other images were of tragedies currently happening in Syria. The ultimate purpose was to take data from a user's emotional reaction and output that into another form of reaction, IE sound and visuals.